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40+ Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Styles

So in case you are invited to a Great Gatsby party or hosting your own, or you just love the elegant 1920s style, here are some tips and tricks on how to get the perfect makeup look for this special occasion. The features that needed most attention while applying makeup were the lips. eyes and eyebrows.In the 1920s the goal was to make the eyes look as round as possible. In terms of colors, the typical flapper girl look involves cool-toned neutral colors and just a little bit of shimmer on the center of the lid.Pouty red lips with an exaggerated cupid bow are essential for an authentic 1920s look. Using a sharp lipliner and concealer helps to keep the lines neat looking and prevents the lipstick from smudging. Let’s see 40+ Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Styles for you.


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